Is there a fuel oil leak seeping into the bottom of your tank? Or is there an over-filling of your fuel oil tank? Has there been any dumping of polluting leftovers on your site? Or did you have an accident with a truck filled with chemicals? There are countless ways to avoid contaminants and materials in the soil or groundwater. 

Accidents with soil pollution happen on a regular basis. It is important that you immediately handle the problem. Let a recognised soil decontamination expert guide you. He/she will define the investigation strategy, carry out the investigation and arrange communication with the authorities. He will ensure that the problem is handled as quickly as possible. It is advisable to contact the insurance company.

Damage claims procedure

A damage claim can be handled through the damage claim procedure. It is important that the incident is reported to the authorities within 14 days after it has occurred and the effective treatment can be carried out within 180 days from the notification or from the determination by the competent authorities. A fast approach is therefore crucial.

A major advantage of this procedure is that the necessary actions are taken immediately so that the pollution does not increase. Another advantage is that there' s much less reporting necessary in this procedure, which saves time and money.

How is this support provided?

Once the damage has been established, the recognised soil decontamination expert comes on the location to make the initial determinations and, if necessary, take precautionary measures (e.g. limiting odour nuisance in the residence). At various locations, he takes soil and groundwater samples to determine the contamination.

If the initial investigation shows that contamination is present, the remediation can be started. The client appoints a remediation contractor whereby the soil expert supervises the entire remediation operation.

After taking the necessary control samples, the soil expert will draw up a final evaluation report. He submits this report to OVAM so the file can be completed. These actions must be carried out within 180 days. Remediation of damage cases requires a personalized approach.

The importance of an experienced soil expert and a quick response when you notice soil contamination should not be underestimated. Also for your company. If you have a claim, be sure to consult a soil expert.

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