All our services require a minimum of insight into business operations, the used utilities, the distribution of energy consumption and energy costs. But an energy audit goes further.

Energy audits can be carried out on a voluntary basis by companies and organizations looking for simple and significant cost savings. One can opt for a detailed energy audit or a first prospection through an energy scan.

Energy audits are built with an inventory of installations and buildings, followed by a statistical evaluation of consumption. Measures are worked out in terms of investment costs, practical feasibility, payback period, IRR. From this evaluation we can see where the most interesting measures lie in terms of cost savings and reduction of CO2 emissions.

In some cases, energy audits are required by law. Such as the mandatory "EED energy audit" for large companies and energy audits in connection with the "application for an environmental permit". 

The energy policy agreement is a specific voluntary scheme whose approach has been laid down by the Flemish government. It goes further than just an audit part, but also offers financial concessions and an exemption from certain obligations. More information about the energy policy agreement.

Profex, supported by the network of United Experts, has the expertise and recognitions in the Flemish and Brussels Regions to carry out these audits.

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