Oriënterend bodemonderzoek

This investigation is carried out to determine whether soil contamination has occurred on a high-risk soil. 

There are several moments when such investigations need to be carried out. The most common are a transfer, periodic obligation (every 10 or 20 years) and submission of an environmental permit for an IPPC company (industrial installations that may have a greater impact on the environment). The final step is also referred to as a baseline report.

How does an exploratory soil survey proceed?
The soil decontamination expert takes the necessary soil and groundwater samples from the 'risk zones'. These are zones with an increased risk of soil pollution. Examples are storage tanks, production zones, tank sites. In addition, he also takes samples at the level of unsuspicious zones. The number of samples taken per soil survey depends on the number of risk zones, their size and the size of the plot. 
The soil experts at Profex carry out all investigations in accordance with OVAM's standard procedures.

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