Biogas & biomassa

Biogas production and biomass combustion are two different things, even if they both start from biomass. Biogas production takes place through the fermentation of waste streams such as manure and organic biological waste - whether or not in combination with energy crops. The fermentation process is a biological process in which digestible organic material is converted by micro-organisms into mainly methane, which is also the main component in natural gas. Biogas can in principle be used for the same applications as natural gas and is today mainly used for CHP applications. 

When we talk about biomass, in most cases we mean an incinerator for dry substances such as wood and/or pellets. The combustion heat can be used directly for heat applications (= green heat) or used for steam production. The steam is almost entirely used for the production of green electricity in which the steam drives a turbine with alternator.

Profex supports more than 80% of the Flemish fermenters and is the expert in biogas and biomass. We help you from start to finish with your project realisation, estimate the feasibility, investigate how such a project can fit into the environment and take care of the necessary permits and mandatory energy study for energy-intensive activities. In addition, we facilitate communication with the distribution system operator, oversee the implementation of grid studies, and evaluate any necessary adjustments to the electricity grid. We also remind you of the necessary inspections, and draw up and follow up your subsidy file with the Flemish Energy Agency (VEA).

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