Asbestos inventory for heritage building

Huis Janssens in Sint-Niklaas is a patrician house, built in the 19th century and owned by the City of Sint-Niklaas since the end of the 19th century.  The building is currently undergoing a thorough restoration under the supervision of architects Erfgoed en Visie, specialized in restoration and heritage projects.  After the exterior has been completely restored a few years ago, work on the interior will soon begin. In addition, the gallery in front of the museum's buildings, next to Huis Janssens, will be completely removed.  For such works it' s important to know the risks of asbestos in advance.  This is why the architects of Erfgoed & Visie contacted Profex's experts for an asbestos inventory

Thanks to our excellent knowledge and specialism in asbestos and demolition materials, Profex was called upon to submit an asbestos inventory according to the CODEX, Well-being at Work.  (This was drawn up in order to protect the safe working environment for the company's employees).

During the inspection of our experts, they initially identified the known applications and, if necessary, took samples. Then, they went in search of less known or unknown applications based on the physico-chemical properties of asbestos. Samples were taken to confirm or depreciate the presence of asbestos in a certain material. For example, the areas where fire safety plays a greater role were examined extra meticulously, since asbestos fibres have a good resistance to heat, and were therefore used in fire-resistant materials. 

Specifically, only chimney shutters containing asbestos were found in Huis Janssens. The expert will always thoroughly inspect the chimneys and other chimney ducts in particular, since these materials require a good heat resistance. The chimney shutters were found on the second floor. The imprint on the shutters immediately made clear that they were made by an old asbestos manufacturer. Of the initial 12 applications suspected of containing asbestos, these chimney shutters are the only ones effectively containing asbestos present in the building. The 11 remaining applications are therefore considered asbestos free after the analysis of the samples. These materials are also meticulously described so that there is no reason for doubt at the start of the works.  

The asbestos inventory was delivered to Erfgoed en Visie, which enabled the architects' office to charge for the asbestos removal. Because there was an open communication between the two, a correct removal was guaranteed. 

Just like Profex, Erfgoed en Visie is part of the knowledge network of United Experts. Thanks to the strength of this network, we guarantee a smooth service and a qualitative approach. A fast communication flow between both partners results in a limited loss of time for the customer. These values determine our DNA. 

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What did Profex? 

  • Draw up a destructive asbestos inventory 

In cooperation with Erfgoed & Visie

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