You will from now on have to attach a demolition follow-up plan when applying for an environmental permit for the demolition of non-residential buildings.

The demolition monitoring plan replaces the demolition inventory. This plan lists the expected waste materials to be released during the planned demolition works and formulates the recommendations for selective demolition. The demolition monitoring plan is drawn up in accordance with the procedure by a neutral party independent of the contractor.

Think of a demolition follow-up plan 

When a building is being demolished, various waste products are released. If selective demolition is used at the start of the work, many materials can be reused and recycled. The demolition follow-up plan is an ideal tool for the direct approach at the source. This plan provides an overview of the waste materials present, sorted on asbestos-containing, dangerous, non-dangerous and stony materials. A selective demolition plan is created along this route so that, together with you, we can focus on the reuse and recycling possibilities of the substances present.

Since the end of August 2017, Tracimat vzw has been recognised as a demolition management organisation. It will deliver a demolition certificate for construction waste that was collected selectively and has gone through the traceability process correctly.

Demolish without worries

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  • A demolition follow-up plan, which is part of the application file of the environmental permit, is good for both the environment and your wallet. By gaining a good insight into the building, selective demolition can be set up with all the associated advantages: a lower processing cost for the stony fraction, avoidance of charges for the actual demolition, an exploration of the second-hand market for recovered materials, etc.

  • Thanks to the quick follow-up of our Tracimat experts, your waste becomes material again. Through this, the stony fractions are purely recycled, authentic materials are reused and harmful materials are safely disposed of.

Profex has recognised Tracimat experts on board and will set up your demolition follow-up plan. For more information, request your free quote, or contact our experts on our free number +32 (0)800 59 002. They will be happy to help you further. Be sure to read the interview with our experts in the magazine RecyclePro.

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